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Jennifer Combs Dr. David Mercer Nutrition TR 10:30 October 2, 2012 Super Size Me Critique In the documentary Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock, conducted an experiment. In this experiment he forces himself to eat McDonald's for every meal for thirty days. With him doing this, he hopes to show people why America is the fattest country in the world. While doing so he subjects himself to an unhealthy life style, which he isn't used to. With his live in girlfriend being a vegan chef, he is used to eating a very balanced diet. Before starting the experiment, he goes through many medical test, using 3 doctors to do so, test revealing he was healthy as can be. At the beginning he was able to eat one of everything on the menu in 9 days, I can imagine eating the same thing every day was very disturbing, or disgusting rather. While filming the documentary, Morgan, interviewed a man named, Don Gorske. He holds the world record for the number of Big Macs consumed. His obsession started when he rewarded himself for buying a new car. That day, he consumed; 3 for lunch, 3 for supper, and 3 before they closed for the night. Don, now makes it his daily ritual to eat at least one a day. He now hold the record for eating over 25,000 of these fattening sandwiches. Nine sandwiches in one day is a little dramatic, but he also sates, that was a reward and he usually only eats 1-3 a day now. McDonalds states there are 540 calories in a Big Mac. If you add the total of three a day, that is, 1,620 calories. That is 380 calories a day below the Daily Recommended Value of a 2000 calorie diet. Now, in the interview it isn't mentioned if he consumes any other calories during the day, but it did mention he was a very active person, "hyperactive", he states. If he is very active he is most likely burning the majority of the calories consumed by eating these sandwiches on a daily bases. That

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