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Dimensions of Wellness Bartling Super Size Me It’s been five years since I’ve seen Super Size Me and my feelings about the documentary are still the same. When I first saw it I was in 8th grade and I was totally taken back by it. I have always enjoyed McDonalds and never thought that my views on it would change at all but five years ago but it did. When thinking about what Morgan did for thirty days straight you can’t help but think what kind of toll that can have on your body. You would think that having the variety of foods would help in this situation but it doesn’t. I think the major thing that didn’t help Morgan was that every time that McDonalds asked him to Super Size he would have to say yes. Also another thing he had to do was always to have a side with his order. This consisted of things like fries, salad, or there fruit bowls. Though I am not saying that it was only the “Super Size” that got to Morgan but from all the fats, calories, and other non-nutrient things. It takes doesn’t take a lot to make the body to slowly start to shut down when you eat three meals like that a day and also have no exercise in your daily life. I think that this movie was a great way to show people how eating like this and not exercising can really make your body slowly shut down and not be the way it use to be mentally, emotionally, and

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