Super Parents--An Everest Story

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Prompt: #2 “Super Parents”??? Do you view Mark’s parents as a blessing or as a menace? They push their son to pursue his dreams; they give him permission to do very risky things; they let him miss LOTS of school in order to pursue a dangerous and expensive undertaking that requires him to go to strange places, accompanied by people who are basically strangers! Reflect on the balancing act that parents must attempt in the most risky and demanding jobs ever: Can parents be too pushy or demanding with their children? Too timid or laid-back? What are the consequences of such choices? How great a role do Mark’s parents play in his success? Parents lay the foundation for their child’s life by setting rules or limitations for safety measures, encouraging good behavior, and supporting their child’s extracurricular interests. Parents’ primary goal is to nurture and care for their child during his/her developmental years so that the child may grow up to become a successful adult. Mark endures many difficult obstacles during his rock climbing training partly due to his parents’ strong encouragement. Without his parents’ encouragement, Mark would not be able to miss two or more weeks of school pursuing his training in Nepal, California, or other such distant locations. His parents support and encouragement play a crucial role in Mark’s training. It motivates Mark to fully commit to his intense training. My parents also encourage me to fully participate in all of my extracurricular activities. Their encouragement ultimately motivates me to pursue and excel in all of my extracurricular activities. Mark’s parents and my own parents are similar in many ways. Mark’s parents push Mark to excel in everything that he sets out to accomplish. Mark becomes involved and interested in rock climbing, fishing, and other outdoor activities. His parents recognize that he must keep up his

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