Super Pacs: Theodore Roosevelt's Goal In Campaign Finance Reform

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Super PACs, “play the political equivalent of a free safety, roving through states looking for someone to hit.” (Wilson, Reid) This quote sums up a super PACs ability to influence political campaigns. I would like to take this analogy a step further by stating that super PACs not only play the free safety position, but do not have to wear their team’s uniform while blindsiding another player. This issue is important to the American people because, it allows the one percent and their companies to influence elections both positively and negatively. While seeking to elect officials that will advocate laws that benefit them and their businesses. Super PACs should be abolished through a Constitutional Amendment. I will discuss how Political…show more content…
His goal in reforming campaign finance was to regulate campaign spending, curb the influence of wealthy individuals and special interest groups, and to mandate full disclosure of campaign finances. Move 67 years into the future, the Federal Election Campaign Act was passed. This act required candidates to disclose sources of campaign contributions and expenditures. The act was amended in 1974 to place legal limits on campaign contributions and established the Federal Election Commission, a government organization employed to oversee and regulate campaign finances. In 2002 the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act was passed to address two main issues. One, to prohibit unregulated contributions to political parties, monies termed “soft.” And two, to prohibit broadcast ads that name a federal candidate paid for by corporations, nonprofit issue organizations, or unincorporated entities using corporate or union treasury funds. Pieces of the BCRA were overruled by the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. The Supreme Court in a five to four decision held that the government under the First Amendment can not restrict the independent political expenditures by corporations or unions. Because corporations are made up of groups of individuals, the corporation must receive the same free speech rights as individual citizens. This decision is the cornerstone that enables Super Pacs…show more content…
The last thing congress needs is more corporate candidates who don’t answer to the American people. Until we get big money out of politics, we will never be able to responsibly address the major issues facing American families,” Yarmuth said in a release. “And that starts by ensuring our elections and elected officials cannot be bought by the well-off and well-connected.” Democrat John Yarmuth and Republican Walter Jones introduced legislation in the House to overturn key aspects of the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Campaign Election Act. The purpose of this bill would be to establish that campaign contributions and financial expenditures are not speech, and therefore not protected under the First Amendment. The legislation goes a step further to make Election day a National holiday which might increase voter turnout. Also for congress to create a public funding system that would be the sole source for financing federal elections. I agree wholeheartedly that the only way to abolish super PACs and keep certain rights provided to corporations by the First Amendment is to amend the Constitution and redefine money being put into campaigns as influence and not

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