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Super PACs, “play the political equivalent of a free safety, roving through states looking for someone to hit.” (Wilson, Reid) This quote sums up a super PACs ability to influence political campaigns. I would like to take this analogy a step further by stating that super PACs not only play the free safety position, but do not have to wear their team’s uniform while blindsiding another player. This issue is important to the American people because, it allows the one percent and their companies to influence elections both positively and negatively. While seeking to elect officials that will advocate laws that benefit them and their businesses. Super PACs should be abolished through a Constitutional Amendment. I will discuss how Political Action Committees and their “super” counterparts have come to exist. How Super Pacs have come to operate in respect to the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision. The National political problems when corporations and unions are allowed the same rights as individuals. After looking at the problems related to super PACs I will investigate how a Constitutional Amendment could solve this problem. Theodore Roosevelt in 1905 called for a campaign finance reform. His goal in reforming campaign finance was to regulate campaign spending, curb the influence of wealthy individuals and special interest groups, and to mandate full disclosure of campaign finances. Move 67 years into the future, the Federal Election Campaign Act was passed. This act required candidates to disclose sources of campaign contributions and expenditures. The act was amended in 1974 to place legal limits on campaign contributions and established the Federal Election Commission, a government organization employed to oversee and regulate campaign finances. In 2002 the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act was passed to address two main issues.

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