Super Injunctions Essay

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Super Injunctions... Super injunctions prevent the media and journalists publishing information about another person and the things they have done that are said to be confidential and private. These injunctions cost vast amounts of money, ranging from £50,000 to just over £500,000, depending on how protected the victim wants to be. But why should anyone be allowed to defend themselves from the world with money? The fact is, they shouldn’t. Not everybody has the money to hide from the world, so people just have to deal with whatever consequences they are faced with, however bad they must be. In the public eye, celebrities are made to look glamorous and clever, but these are just fake identities. What the public don’t see is who they really are. Drug dealers, alcoholics... all hidden by these super injunctions. When a super injunction is granted, newspapers cannot report any accusations against a person, nor are they allowed to inform the public that an injunction was requested. Many celebrities, especially footballers, take out super injunctions because they have cheated on their partners and don’t want their popularity to decrease. But surely the public should know that these people aren’t all what they portray themselves to be? When a super injunction is granted against someone, the victim doesn’t realise that the other person involved gets all the attention and public harassment. Lots of women have been describing these injunctions as prejudiced as they are not able to apply for them. The law court say that it is usually only men that need to hide themselves, and that they are more likely to be able to pay for them. If word gets out that someone has been granted an injunction, the editor of the newspaper will be prosecuted. Is it right that celebrities, editors and politicians are granted super injunctions as acts of secrecy? Well, yes it is.
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