Weather Essay: How Weather Affects Our Daily Life

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Walking across campus with my sandals on I felt very unwise looking around seeing I was the only. Obviously I hadn't checked the weather that morning because it was pouring rain and I looked like a fool wearing flip flops. Weather effects you by deciding what type of clothing one wears, how one transports them self, and what type of mood they're in. There are two general types of days out there, the sunny days and the rainy days. Whether it's raining or sunny, the weather is the most important factor in deciding what to wear. When one looks outside the window and see light shinning through they know its going to be a sunny day. When figuring out what to wear for the day one usually base's their outfit on the weather. So if it's raining outside one don't wear sandals and shorts, they layer up and put on clothes that generally stay…show more content…
When it's raining outside we generally don't prefer to walk or be exposed, we want to be covered and protected from the rain. So if someone who's main transportation was a bike, on the days it's raining they might choose to ride the bus instead. However when the sun is out one generally doesn't want to be protected. They might drive with their widows down or decide to walk to their destination. We choose how to transport ourselves based on how the weather is. Finally, the weather effects our moods. When the sun warms someone's back it creates a happy and relaxed mood. The sun comforts us, it also releases endorphins in our bodies that make us feel overall better. On rainy days most tend to be in a gloomy mood, because the sun is hidden, it may feel like the day isn't quite there yet. The rain can get someone's clothes all wet and this would put anyone in a negative state of mind. Now they have to deal with wet clothes and figuring out how to dry them drying your already wet clothes. Weather is a strong dictator on how someone's mood may turn
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