Sunlight in a Cafeteria Essay

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Abena Obeng Amanda Page Writing & Rhetoric I February 14, 2013 Sunlight in a Cafeteria Edward Hopper’s painting, Sunlight in a Cafeteria, stirs up a feeling of anticipation. Why the feeling of anticipation? Well, there’s the anticipation of what could take place between the man and woman; who’s going to make the first move, what mood will be set, what is going to be said and what could happen after. There may be more to it than just a person being anticipated, more like a story. There’s a story behind everything. The feeling of isolation and people without companionship may also be factors. It can cause you to feel like a loner in a world full of excitement. This painting gives an impression that there is something between this man and woman. Another quick impression that it gives me is the sunlight, the shadow that it casts and revolving door have higher significance in the painting. There are two characters in this painting but the main subject is the woman. She is sitting looking in a downward position. She is sitting in the sunlight and is self-absorbed in her own space. The mood the sunlight creates is that of a relaxing and warm mood, causing one to be alone and to think about anything that comes to mind. The sun is shining into the large window and it seems to have an important impact on her mood. The sun makes it look like she is in the “spotlight” and all the attention is on her. At the same time, the sun lighting is casting a shadow on the man, who is to the far right of the painting. The man seems to be gesturing to her possibly attempting to make friendly conversation, but due to the warmth of the sunlight that is basking on her skin she is self-absorbed in her mood and thoughts, leaving the man at a disadvantage and off to the side. The revolving door, placed in between the man and the woman is a symbol of her heart, which
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