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Sunflower Incorporated The concept of organization development (OD) can apply in various organization settings. In this case study, Sunflower Incorporated perceived a problem and implemented strategies to improve it. This case study is viewed in the light of OD and organization change and is followed by a diagnosis of the problem, an interpretation of likely causes, and recommendations or advices. A major distribution company, Sunflower Incorporated, purchases salty snack foods and liquor and distributes them to retail stores in 22 regions of United States and Canada. Due to the differences in areas, the main office fostered each region to run their businesses independently. This allows each region to satisfy specific local demands. In 1989, the company established a financial reporting system and identified a problem. The company found they have deep pricing and purchasing differences among those regions and the company felt the necessity of standardization (Cummings & Worley, 2009). The company hired Agnes Albanese and gave her the support from top management to improve their pricing and purchasing. Her solution to this problem was to change the policy which allows the home office to control each region’s procedures and notify these changes by e-mail. She pushed to implement this new policy immediately hoping that the change would benefit the company during the upcoming peak sale season. However, her methodology to the problem did not impact current pricing and purchasing practices (Cummings & Worley, 2009). The main cause of the failure of Albanese’s approach was lack of creating a proper implementation plan. Although she diagnosed the problem and obtained an approval of change policy, she had not discussed it with regional executives and other company departments. There was not enough data to start a plan or solve the problem. She

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