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How well did Albanese manage the pricing and purchasing changes at Sunflower? Were the changes implemented successfully? How would you find this out? Due to competition in each region, Sunflower Incorporated was experience pricing issues. They were also on the verge of ruining their reputation in some regions by using second hand products. Albanese was hired to resolve the pricing and purchasing changes across all regions. Her plan was to implement a standardized pricing system at all locations. Each location would notify her of any changes via email. She wanted this change to happen immediately in time for Sunflowers peak season. She never developed a clear methodology she just sent out an email with the new policy and asked for feedback in regards to any changes over 3%. After reading and reviewing the facts you can see the change was not managed well. Albanese’s lack of having an action plan resulted in a failure in her attempt to successfully implement change. She did diagnose the problem, but it was her lack of communication that resulted in her downfall. Rather than gaining information and the approval from the President and Vice President, Albanese should have taken the time to visit each home location to speak to the other stakeholders in order to have a better understanding of what problems and issues each region was facing. Team work it essential when implementing change within an organization and Albanese acted alone. The way we know that Albanese’s plan was not implemented properly is because none of the managers were reporting back to her. “Eight weeks later, Albanese had not received notices from any regions about local price or purchase changes. Other executives who had visited other regional warehouses indicated to her that the regions were busy as usual. Regional executives seemed to be following usual procedures for that time of

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