Sundiata the Lion King Essay

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Per. 1 Sundiata The Lion King of Mali The Lion King and Sundiata the lion king of Mali are similar. The characters and their roles are almost the same. Simba represents Sundiata, Simba's mom Sarabi represents Sogolon, Mufasa represents Maghan, and Simba's jealous uncle Scar represents Dankaran. In Lion King Simba is chosen to be the next king over his uncle Scar, when Mufasa (the current king) is killed Simba is next in line to take over. Scar, wanting to become the next king, and tells Simba that it is his fault that Mufasa died when it was really Scar's fault. This causes Simba to leave Pride Rock based on Scar's advice. Scar sends his hyena army to kill Simba to permanently get rid of him, but Simba escapes and is driven far away from pride rock. He decides later that he needs to return and fight Scar for all his past wrong doings and take over as king. He returns to fight Scar and the Hyenas with his friends Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa. From this an intense battle happens between Scar and Simba. Simba overcomes Scar and becomes the leader of Pride Rock and restores it back to dominance. Sundiata follows almost the same story line as this. When Sundiata's father dies he is supposed to be the next king, but Dankaran does not allow this to happen. Dankaran takes a small army and forces Sundiata to leave Mali. He spends a lot of time exiled from Mali before he decides that he needs to return and restore Mali to it's previous form. Similar to Simba, Sundiata raises a small army to fight Dankaran. Using his religion and sorcery powers, Sundiata kills Dankaran and becomes the rightful king of Mali. The morals of both stories are similar. The moral is that destiny plays a huge role in who you become. Both stories seem to be almost perfect parallels despite being made many years and many miles apart

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