Sunday In The Park

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When reading Bel Kaufman's 'Sunday in the Park' it becomes apparent that the main theme being explored is the importance of standing up for what you believe is right. The theme begins to be developed from the time the mother hesitates to interfere with her child's problem as she believes he should be able to stand up for himself. It then continues to be developed by showing her frustration when her husband, Morton, avoids confrontation be simply running away. However, by the end of the text it becomes clear that the theme is actually deeper than just an exploration of standing up for your beliefs, and also looks at doing something about an issue even if you know you can't make a difference. The second part of the theme develops throughout the text by comparing Morton's reaction to being faced with an issue by another, larger man, and by his wife. From this, the subject of taking on gender roles in society is also explored. The first section of 'Sunday in the Park' is spent setting the scene and establishing for the audience what kind of family the main characters have. The story is set in the playground area of a park, presumably somewhere in America, because of a character's choice of reading material. The playground is mostly deserted and peaceful, much to the delight of the story's leading woman (who is only ever referred to as "She"). It becomes clear through this opening section that her family is quite conservative and proper, satisfied with simply spending the afternoon in the park. "How good this is, she thought, and almost smiled at her sense of well-being." p.1 Her husband, Morton, is a professor at a University: intellectual, pale, and timid, qualities she seems to appreciate. Their three year old son Larry takes after his father, sensitive and well behaved; an obvious delight to his mother. Their family is content in the peaceful park, until
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