Sunday in the Park

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represent? In Bel Kaufman’s Sunday in the Park, the quiet park surrounded by busy New York City represents the intent on why the characters chose to go to the park. Morton, being a university professor, an occupation that would keep him constantly surrounded by people, would prefer to simply escape the busyness of New York City by spending a day at the park with his family. The antagonist of the story, Joe’s father, displays a controlling and selfish character which is seen when he says, “Throw all you want. This here is a public sandbox.” (37). Irony is seen as the purpose of Morton’s visit to the park is to get away from the loud and chaotic city of New York, where his relaxing Sunday afternoon is quickly turned upside down when Joe’s father enters the picture. When looking at the setting of this short story, there appears to be a parallel between the setting and the actions that unfold among the characters. As Morton and his family intend to spend their Sunday afternoon quietly relaxing, it parallels with the way the author described the park, “the slides were empty, and only in the sandbox two little boys squatted diligently side by side” (37). As the story unfolds, and chaos erupts among Morton and Joe’s father, there is a parallel between the events that occur and the busy lifestyle of New Yorkers. The setting shows both irony in what Morton’s intentions of his Sunday afternoon were to be, as well the setting of a quiet park and a busy city paralleling a quiet family outing erupting into a chaotic
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