Sunday Bloody Sunday Song Analysis

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Sunday bloody Sunday was written as a response to the events of January 30, 1972 where the paratroop regiment of British Army massacred 14 people and injured another 14 during a civil rights act in Derry, Ireland. Bono lead singer of U2 was trying to portray the contrast of Easter Sunday which is a special day of peace to catholics and christians, to the bloodshed throughout the county’s history. The anguish in Bono’s voice speaks volumes, the way he begins the song in the first stanza has a certain type of familiarity to it, leading us to believe that this isn’t the first time this type of violence and bloodshed has happened. This is later proven when he says “how long must we sing this song” meaning how long are we going to continue this fighting. Though this song revolves around the massacre on January 30, 1972 it speaks more about the lives that all this war and conflict are affecting. What's interesting about this song is that it isn’t meant to be a song, in fact i believe that Bono is trying to say that the Irish government was just as responsible. When he says “I won’t heed the battle call, it put my back up, put my back up against the wall” he refuses to fight for his country, and is then forced to choose between his patriotic obligation for his country and his moral vendettas. This is expressed through the distress and anger in his voice. This creates a sense of disappointment and unappreciation he feels towards how his country have handled these situations. In the third stanza he talks about what has all this fighting won us, and at what cost. He tells us about the struggles that the people will never forget the sorrow all this fighting has brought them . “the trench is dug within our hearts, and mothers, children, brothers , sisters, torn apart.” This brings a different perspective, saying maybe this isn’t what the people want. The cost for
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