Sunday Alocohol Sales In Georgia Essay

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Sunday Alcohol Sales in Georgia Georgia Senators recently voted to approve a bill that would allow cities and counties to hold a referendum on Sunday alcohol sales in grocery and package stores (Emert). Currently, restaurants are only allowed to sell beer and wine on Sundays. On November 8th 2011, the citizens of Georgia were given the opportunity to decide on the issue for themselves. It is a mystery as to how the state believed they could receive a unanimous vote when people have different points of view and beliefs. With the state legislature allowing voters to choose on the issue, they became divided. Half of the state voted in favor of lifting the ban while the other voted against it. Depending on what city or county you live in, you may or may not be allowed to purchase alcohol on Sunday. This could become confusing. The state needs to be on one accord and remove the century old ban altogether without voter say. Asking citizens to vote on alcohol sales would be the same as asking them to vote on whether or not a person could place a cross on their own private property. We can’t assume everyone is a Christian so therefore voters would have mixed feelings. The choice to purchase alcohol on Sunday is an individual one. Georgia is one of three states with a blue law based on religion which prohibits the sale of alcohol on Sundays and holidays. Those who support Sunday sales feel that it’s an individual decision. An online petition gathered more than 50,000 signatures in favor of Sunday alcohol sales (Salzer). Opponents argue that Sunday is a religious day and should remain that way. Conservative Christian groups contend that stores shouldn’t sell alcohol on the Christian Sabbath. “That’s the Lord’s day in my opinion” said Edward Deyton, a Sunday school teacher whose son is also a Baptist minister. The Constitution states that there should

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