Sundance Essay

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Light from our Star in the Sky The sun presents itself daily, reminding us to illuminate, to nurture, and to endure. This star in the sky is the cause of causes, immersing all the earth in its dazzling glow. I truly do respect the sun’s omnipotent shine, and I strive to emulate its characteristics in all my films. By attending Sundance, I would have the chance to express the creative light within myself, gravitating towards like minded individuals in the seemingly galactic entertainment community. As a filmmaker, I thrive upon strong sources of energy gathering together, and Sundance lets this happen in such an effective and organic way. The films at Sundance emphasize societal awareness, where audiences are to invest, relate to and emote with unique characters. It is my vision to move audiences in a like manner, as Sundance teaches me compelling methods of art and expression. The reason why Sundance piques my interest so greatly is that it lays a foundation for filmmakers to network, in a free and spontaneous environment. As I currently lay the groundwork for my independent film production company, I could not imagine a greater honor than to be alongside nuanced craftsmen of the field at Sundance. The international prestige surrounding this festival would incite so much momentum, allowing for relationships to materialize and gripping narratives to develop. Sundance reflects the collective artistic and cultural ideologies of our time. And to be a part of something so grand in scale, will further inspire me to share messages of charisma and hope in my films. Sundance, in my deepest conviction, will create an abiding standard of excellence, and would be an invaluable to my growth as a

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