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Sun Tzu Essay

  • Submitted by: aafa
  • on April 14, 2009
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Sun Tzu, the philosopher as well as the military strategist was a prime figure in Chinese history in terms of culture as well as politics. Although historians still debate whether Sun Tzu did or did not actually exist, as the author of 'The Art of War', his views of strategy was well known with Western society as one of the most influential and idealistic applications for literal action especially during the 19th and 20th centuries.

'The Art of War' or as it was originally called 'The Sun Tzu Ping Fa', is regarded as a perfectly whole concept of an ideology for governing war in terms of taking charge of obstacles as well as conquering and triumphing over battles. This philosopher uses the practices of Taoist thinking and strategy where Sun Tzu idealistically contemplates each view from the examples of an intellectual insight of a Taoist master.’ The Art of War' used Taoism as its main function of thoughts. Tao is mainly about terms, concepts and philosophies for which Sun Tzu was a philosopher of war and he understood that to use the meanings of Tao was to understand about the certain steps of one act to another. Even though the book 'The Art of War' is the philosophical views of being in a battle field, this book too has also been an influential image among political leaders as well as for the conception in business management. Theories and ideas of what Sun Tzu had wrote in his book supports diplomacy as well as promoting the growth of relationships between nations as one of the main importance for the well being of the state. This means that Sun Tzu was an advanced thinker on how to handle society as a whole because the concepts and theories outline the essence of what is important in being strategic and to know how to be in control when facing situations. The legendary story of Sun Tzu was about a man who was brought up by the minor nobility in the northern part of Shanghai. An educated man, he wrote a military treatise for which became well known and...

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