The Sun Rising And Dover Beach

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The Sun Rising and Dover Beach are two different poems. The major ideas and themes of these two poems are very different from each other. The Sun Rising is a metaphysical poem, written by John Donne, during the 17th Century. In the first stanza, the lover, in a very childish manner, scold the sun for reflecting its rays on the face of his beloved, while she is sleeping. The lover, asks the sun to wake up the late school– boys, apprentices, court – huntsman, but not his beloved, because they have to go to work but his beloved can enjoy her slumber. According to the lover, love has no time, it follows no routine, it can happen anytime and nature cannot confine love within any particular time frame. In the second stanza, the lover tells the sun, that he can easily “eclipse” the sharp rays of the sun with a “wink”, but he would do no such thing, because the lover does not want to lose the sight of his beloved, even for a second. Here we can see that time is important to the lovers, but not the time frame. Then, the lover brings in the ancient concept of the traveling of the sun, from East to West. The lover asks the sun, to travel (rise and set) from East to West, and look for the treasures, but the sun will find no treasure, in either direction, for it is with the lover in his bed. To the lover, his beloved is as piquant as the spices of the East Indies and as valuable as the gold mines of the West Indies. At this point, the lover becomes a bit overexcited. In the last stanza, the lover becomes hyperbolic as, he tells the sun that the lovers are the real princes, and the princes of the world, only imitate the lovers, when they carry out their princely duties. Here we can see that, The Sun Rising is not a materialistic poem; in this poem human emotions are given
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