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[pic] Reviving Strategies [pic] Fresh Strategies for Sun Microsystems Prepared for Dr. Arthur Marinelli Dr. John Schermerhorn Dr. John Kiger Professor Jeffrey Anderson Ohio University Athens, OH 45701 Prepared by Tim Giegel Alina Doran Melissa Holthaus Jenn Dolenc Katie Coghlan Ohio University Athen, OH 45701 September 21, 2004 Table of Contents Executive Summary iii Introduction 1 Background 1 Industry Analysis 1 Porter’s Five Forces 1 Rivalry 1 Threat of Substitutes 2 Customer Buyer Power 2 Sun’s Supplier Power 2 Barrier’s to Entry 2 S.W.O.T. Analysis 3 Marketing Strategies 3 International Marketing 3 Website Reconstruction 4 Small Business 4 Product Changes for Sun 4 Java Technology 5 Problems with Sun Java Studio Creator 5 Issues with J2EE 5 Solution to the Java Dilemma 5 Investing for the Future 6 The New Technology 6 Stepping Up To RFID 6 Cost Cutting Strategy: Outsourcing 6 Outsourcing in India 7 Why Sun Microsystems Should Outsource in India 7 Restructure Top Management and Set Goals for Company Employees 7 Silicon Valley Success 8 “Sun Down” 8 Recommendations for Upper Management 8 Conclusion 9 Notes 10 Bibliography 11 List of Illustrations Figure 1: Sun Microsystems S.W.O.T. Analysis 3 Chart 1: Reasons Companies Outsource 7 Appendices 15 Appendix A: Comparing Mission Statements 15 Appendix B: Stakeholder Analysis 17 Appendix C: Financial Highlights of Sun Microsystems 19 Appendix D: Industry Analysis 20 Appendix E: Sun Microsystems to Competitor Comparison 23 Appendix F: Lawsuits 24

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