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a) Describe the User, Organizational and Technology issues affecting Sun Life and its choice of information systems User Issues * Most agents liked to use AMS in their own private offices while a few chose their laptops in client meetings * As most agents did not have formal training in AMS just learned how to use the system through informal training, they thought additional training would be useful. * Most agents who did not have PCs of their own continued to use AMS on personal computers in the branch offices. * Many agents did not know how to type. Organizational Issues * Due to the diversification, SunLife enters into businesses related to its insurance base, including mutual funds, residential mortgages and personal trust services. The SunLife agents shoulder the responsibility for explaining and selling new products and services as they did not have a “store front” operation the way most banks did. * Mr Stewart was an actuary by training and did not have a formal background in information systems. * SunLife strongly trusted its distribution method, a career agency system. They considered insurance as a push product and felt that dedicated sales agents enabled SunLife to provide financial counsel and products appropriate to each individual. SunLife’s advertising campaign focused on its agents. * The marketing system officer assignment would be a challenge because there was really no direction. * SunLife preferred to hire agents who had not been in the industry * The company experienced fairly high levels of indirect and overhead costs. Technology Issues * The insurance industry has always been information intensive. In 1957, the purchase of the first-generation UNIVAC computer make the company to automate its record keeping process. * The AlIS system had grown more and more difficult to maintain, replace

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