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“The Lost Generation” In the novel, The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway develops several main characters whose lives take place during a period of time better known as the “lost generation.” This generation was developed after War World I in which many were impacted in different ways. This impact evidently shaped the lives of the people of this generation, unfortunately in a negative way. This negative impact eventually created a dark, gaping hole in the lives of many which left them in search of a way to fill this emptiness. In The Sun Also Rises, the main characters are perfect examples of the members of this “lost generation” and live out their lives aimlessly, without moral, and without a plan. The characters of The Sun Also Rises can be described as very sad stories that are who they are because of the lasting effects of the war. The narrator of the story, Jake Barnes, is known to be the most “stable” out of the group but still has his issues. Jake, a war veteran, ended up losing his privates, which set off a chain reaction when it came to the mental side of his issues. From then on, Jake lived his life feeling insecure about his masculinity. What did not help was the fact that his love, Lady Brett Ashley, denied him of ever having a relationship with him. Jake felt that because the two could never have intercourse together, she denied his love. What Jake did not realize was Lady Brett Ashley had her own issues that prevented her from ever having a relationship. We learn that Brett served as a nurse during War World I and that her only true love, a British officer, died during this war. Since the death of her lover, Lady Ashley refuses to settle down. She manipulates men into satisfying her needs and always feels the need to have someone by her side. Throughout the story, Brett has relationships with five men. All these relationships are a result of a

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