Summertime Saddness Essay

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Essay1 ‘I’ve got that summertime, summertime sadness. Summertime sadness. Got the summertime, summertime sadness.” Summertime Sadness is written and sung by Lana Del Ray from her second studio album, Born to Die. The song is more than just missing summer it has a stronger deeper meaning about her relationship. The message in this song is about her relationship with a love one that has left her or has passed away. Talks about all the good times they had together but now they are gone. Comparing how there is sadness in the summer just like there would be sadness in any relationship that has ended. This song relates to any situation where a person is gone. From passing away, moving, or not being able to see each other for a while. Even though you are apart from that someone special to you, they will never be forgotten. The audience the song appeals to be people that have lost someone that they once loved, or a person that is moving on with their life and going on their own path. Lana Del Ray wrote this song about an actual relationship that she experience. About losing someone special someone close to her, a lot of her songs on her album seems to be about a specific person. Since she uses her own experience that’s her creditability. Summertime Sadness hit the Top 10 of Billboard Hot 100, as well as getting 1.1milion downloads making the best-selling song. The song is known and very popular, worth listening to. There is a lot of emotion from listening to this song because you can get different impressions; I always get mixed feelings about this song. It can create sadness and hopelessness. “Kiss me before you go. Summertime sadness. I just want you to know that baby you the best.” Kissing good-bye to “the best”. She has to move on and say good-bye even though it brings her sadness. There is heartache feeling from missing all the good old times and the memories
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