Summer Vacations Essay

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Summer Vacations can be full of fun; exciting experiences. For many reasons people look forward to the summer. School’s closed, the weather’s amazing and the beaches are booming with people craving sun tans and the cool water. Some people prefer to stay in their home town and spend time with close relatives and friends while others, like me, prefer to travel with family and experience new things different from what their used to. But what happens when you’re nearly left ashore by a Cruise line without a passport or any type of identification. That can be a problem. A year ago, my family and I excitedly boarded the Caribbean Cruise with high hopes of having a great time on our first cruise. We really enjoy unique places, so the idea of visiting islands, such as St Thomas and St. Martin , was a great way to bond as well as experience different cultures and traditions. My father is the biggest fan of traveling. He is daring, adventurous and believes there’s no harm in trying something at least once in your lifetime so it didn’t surprise me when he accepted a timeshare invitation for a hotel in St. Martin . The idea was we would receive a free tour at their hotel in return for a free stay next visit. I initially thought it was a terrible idea because timeshares always seemed artificial and we had to be back on the cruise ship by a specific time. I doubted we would be able to get back on time but because my father believed it was a beneficial opportunity, I trusted my father’s judgment and didn’t think more of it. Time quickly passed by as we received the free tour. Before we knew it we were quickly searching for, at this point, any means of transportation that would take us back to the cruise. The terrifying thought of being stuck on a foreign island I didn’t know anything about motivated me to help flag down a taxi and get my family back on the ship. Minutes, which

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