Summer Mountains Essay

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Art Summer Mountains Assignment In the painting Summer Mountains by Ch’u Ting there are many different forms seen by the human eye. Starting off by the use of value in this art piece it is darker in some areas. To me it looks like he is trying to show how the picture was during a later time in the day and how some of the darker areas were where the sun wasn’t shown, and where there was shade. I think he used lighter coloring to show more of the mountains off in the distance, and where there were less objects. I don’t think he used colors on purpose to show how calm and sort of peaceful the mountains were during the summer and how there was never really much going on in that area. Now on to the use of texture it sort of looks like the artist used ink wash for texture. The lines used are soft looking strokes. They aren’t to noticeable like i’ve seen in some other art work pieces. The texture also proves to the people that the work piece is smooth and slow going. Meaning there are not strokes that make it look like any chaos is going on. But the bumpy edges and tall ridged mountains do make somewhat of the picture look rough. Other than that everything else is soft. Finally the use of shapes there are tall looking mountains with lots of trees and plant life on them. There are many different shaped mountains with lots of trees and plant life on them. There are many different shaped mountains some smaller than others to make it look like there are some going off into the distances. At the bottom of the picture it has a water shaped pond object, multiple trees and pathways. The form of this picture is many different types of mountains laid out. They are all covered in plants and forest type objects. The sky looks darker and calm, while there seems to be mist that covers the lower bottom. There seems to be pathways leading up to the bigger mountains, while around those
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