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The definition of compromise is: an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions. When two people come to a mutual agreement is what compromise is all about, and this is an idea that has slipped through the hands of today’s politicians. Throughout Founding Brothers by Joseph Ellis, one of the most common actions is compromise. You can spot some form of compromise in almost every chapter, and all of this compromise piled together is what made such a stable government at the time of a young country. I think Ellis’ purpose for this book is to go more in depth into some events in the most important time period at the beginning of our nation, to get the reader to see exactly how much time, effort, and, of course, compromise went into creating such a great functioning government for the time. Ellis reviewed every detail of 6 events he thought were a big part of the revolution. I looked at the chapters closely to find examples of compromise in which I could point out, to show how big it really was. Chapter 1: The Duel I believe the legendary duel between Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury (under George Washington), and Aaron Burr, an American politician (who would later become the 3rd vice president under Thomas Jefferson) was ultimately an extreme form of compromise. These two rivals came to one conclusion to settle things. On page 32 the Ellis says, “… a letter published almost two months earlier in the Albany Register in which the author, Dr. Charles Cooper, recalled a harangue Hamilton had delivered against Burr the preceding February. Burr was then running for governor of New York and Hamilton had attacked his qualifications.” This was the beginning of the decision making of how to settle their differences. This led to the duel on July 11, 1804. The people and media came to a conclusion that Burr

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