Summer Essay

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The Flaming Season School’s out and summer’s in! No school works, no waking up early in the morning. This is the most awaited season for a student. After all those hardships and trials in school, this is the time where we relax and enjoy. The heat of the sun is felt on our skin, our sweat is coming out from our body. But the question is, what really is the essence of summer for the youth? What is the advantage and disadvantage of this to the children? High temperature is expected when it’s summer. We could feel the radiation due to sunlight. Ice cold drinks are in demand, often we go to the beach to cool ourselves when we go swimming. But, incidents like drowning are prone when it’s this time of the year. Many of the kids are too curious and adventurous that they would think that the more they go far on the beach, the more exciting it is. They don’t know the risk when they’re on the water. Sometimes, parents or guardians are the one to blame. They don’t give their full attention to their progeny. However, summertime has an advantage. Students need rest and this is the time where they have fun. Learn new things like sports and meet new friends. We could also see them jubilate with their friends in malls, parks, etc. Therefore, when they go back to their second home, they have new talents/skills to show off to their classmates. Showing off in a way that they could influence others to be like them. Don’t spend your summer inside your house, facing your computer. Go out, have some dose of joy and show people who you are. Give this season a flame of

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