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Summer Morris Honors English9 B4 House on Mango Street 3 Single mothers. . . Being a single parent isn’t easy; on top of that being a single mother is so much harder, raising a child is supposed to be a two man job. There’s different things both parents have to offer that can be very important to a child’s life. I was raised with a single mother, and from what I remember it wasn’t a piece of cake. Most of the time women don’t choose to be, and in other cases it’s what’s best for the child at the time. Being a single mother can be very stressful is so many ways; it can be horrible financially and raising your child without a father figure can really mess things up sometimes. On the plus side to things it can really make a woman stronger, and be able to handle life by herself. Out of control kids . . . There’s always a reason a child is “out of control”, sometimes there’s something that can be bothering them and they feel like it’s the only way they can deal with whatever is going on. In my opinion, you can always choose your actions and you have control over everything you decide to do in life. Also, parents have total control over what their kids do, if a parent already has the mindset that they’re going to make sure their child is on the right track, I don’t think we would have the problem of out of control kids. Sometimes, there are cases when things don’t go as planned, but the majority of situations are usually controllable. Young people with adult responsibilities . . . Young people with adult responsibilities can be a good thing just as much as it can be a bad thing. A lot of kids I know who are actually in that kind of predicament are very mature, and mostly have a very good mind set on what they want to do in life . Another thing I’ve noticed is that they crave fun and freedom more than a child with less responsibility

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