Summary: Understanding Healthcare Organizations: External Influences

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Understanding Healthcare Organizations: External Influences Krystina R. Smith Walden University MMHA-6015-5 Foundations of Healthcare Administration March 25, 2012 This week I interviewed Mr. Chance Scott, Nursing Administrator at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas is an 898 bed acute care hospital treating some of the most complicated cases in North Texas by investing in advance technology such as BrainSuite, the da Vinci robotic surgical system, and electrophysicology bi-plane operating rooms ( 2012) The past decade has seen a flurry of promising breakthroughs in medicine. The HPV vaccine, targeted cancer therapy, human genome mapping, natural orifice surgery, and…show more content…
EHR’s are generally viewed as part of an automated order-entry and patient-tracking system providing real-time access to patient data, as well as a continuous longitudinal record of their care. Bar coding in a health care environment is similar to bar-code scanning in other environments: An optical scanner is used to electronically capture information encoded on a product? Initially, it will be used for medication (for example, matching drugs to patients by using bar codes on both the medications and patients’ arm bracelets), but other applications may be pursued, such as medical devices, lab, and radiology. (healthaffairs.orgs)MRI’s and X-rays are used to take pictures of the patient that is stored and disseminates them to a medical record, a clinical data repository, or other points of care just to name a…show more content…
He not only gave me insight on what the hospital is known for he also made me motivated to accomplish my degree. Mr. Scott was very helpful in answering all the concerns I had about becoming a Health Care Administrator. He informed me that the job can and will become stressful at times for I will be overseeing and directing the non-medical team members, including the operation, marketing, legal and accounting department. I look forward to my many responsibilities and I’m sure that Walden University will give me the knowledge I need to accomplish my goals. References: Masys, Daniel R. (2002) Effects of current and future information technologies on the health care workforce vol. 21 no 5 pg 33-41 retrieved from on March 23, 2012 Hoskins, David (2009) The impact of technology of health delivery and access retrieved from on March 20,

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