Summary: The United States Justice System

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The United States justice system seems to work for the most part for the Americans right now, but a lot of criminals are getting away with crimes when they really belong behind bars. Criminals who go to trial are hoping to get out of the crime they committed and the defense attorney is there to help the criminal achieved that goal. Our justice system was created to protect the innocent people of the United States of America but many times it does not help us bring the criminals to justice. Although the American justice system partially works for most of the people, there is always room for improvement to make sure that crimes are properly punished, and that we are all safe. The United State Justice system needs to be reformed in order…show more content…
Rothwax from New York City. The case involved a murder defendant, a “handsome young man who had been fired by a New York company that serviced ATM’s” (Guilty: The Collapse of Criminal Justice). After being fired, the defendant intentionally caused a machine in a remote area to malfunction. When two former colleagues arrived to fix it, he robbed them, stole the money inside the ATM, and shot both men repeatedly. One of the men survived long enough to identify his former coworker as the shooter. The man was arrested, and a trial ensued, but after three weeks of hearing the case, the jury deadlocked. Judge Rothwax later learned that the jury had voted 11 to 1 to convict the defendant, but the one holdout just could not believe that “someone so good-looking could commit such a crime”(Guilty: The Collapse of Criminal Justice)Page 198 . Obviously the selection of jury has a problem and the justice system needs to make a reform, maybe the jury should have some type of legal…show more content…
But this type of verdict can be a problem for the defendant who sometimes can be induced to plea guilty thinking that this is the best answer for the case. The defendant feels that by taking a plea of guilty he/she can just do a short amount of time and get out of the issue of going to trial and probably get the highest sentence possible. “About 95% of all convictions in the United States are secured with a guilty plea, most of them through plea bargaining” (U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Compendium of Federal Justice Statistics). But plea bargain certainly is a good way for the people who are guilty, someone who has factually done the charge that he or she has been accused of but not for the victim who in a major scale does not feel like the lowest sentence can be the right punished for their

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