Summary: The Story Behind The US Maine

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The Story behind the U.S.S Maine Cuba was a colony of Spain with an economy that depended on sugar production. In the mid-19th century, many Cubans were dissatisfied with the Spain regime. They didn’t like that the Spaniard Government was corrupted and refused to bring business to the Cuba population including the negation of Cubans having any type of self-government. Because of this, Cuban Nationalists decided to fight the Ten Years’ War against Spain in 1868-1878. After this war, Spain assured improvements, but the nationalists did not believe they would cooperate. In 1895 when another rebellion led by Cuban nationalists took action, the Spaniards sent about 200,000 soldiers to Cuba. The Cubans reacted by damaging any property that belonged to Spain such as the sugar mills and fields hoping this would make the Spaniards retrieve their land or so the U.S can intervene in this disaster. A year later, Spain sent General Weyler to put down those nationalists in Cuba. He decided to build concentration camps and…show more content…
Navy members believed that the explosion was caused by mines that ignited the magazines located in the ship. Whether or not this was true, Americans were highly upset and favored the war with Spain. President McKinley declared war against Spain and to liberate Cuba from its colony. Meanwhile, specialized investigators, continued to find the real reason why the Main had been exploded. The studies’ results were that the ship was ignited and sunk by a coal bunker fire next to ammunition magazines and not caused by Spanish mines. The U.S.S Maine stood in the Havana Harbor until 1911. It was then opened and based on what was found many investigators have new theories of what may have caused the explosion of the Maine. The remaining’s of the ship now lies deep down in the sea, but the memories of those men who lost their lives, still stand

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