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The Starkweather Homicide of 1958 In 1958, nineteen year old Charles Starkweather would take the country on a wild ride that would become one of the most infamous mass murder sprees in recent history. Charlie and his thirteen year old companion Caril Fugate embarked on a trail that horrified the country that lie in its wake of destruction. The desperate teen rebellion duo accepted their new life of crime in search of money and respect. The year of 1958 would see the fate of eleven unlucky people come to an end, as America watched in unbelief from their couches at home; this would later be known as “The Starkweather Homicide.” “Charlie Starkweather was born into a poor, uneducated, but hardworking family in Lincoln, Nebraska, on November…show more content…
Starkweather had with him his 22mm rifle as always. He and Caril’s mother Velda Barlett ended up getting in an argument about himself and Caril being together. It ended up with Velda hitting Charlie a few times. He then waited for Caril to return home from school, when she arrived he told her about the argument between her mother and himself. Caril immediately went inside and began arguing with her mother with Charlie right behind. He then claimed that he and Velda started to engage in physical fighting, and at that point Marion Barlett Caril’s father tried to attack him with a claw hammer. Charlie shot him in the head as well as Caril’s mother in the face. Not only did he murder her parents but also Caril’s two year old half baby sister. He allegedly picked up a large kitchen knife and threw it at the baby, which thrust into the chest. Caril’s role in this massacre is still undetermined as they were the only surviving witnesses. People started to question where the Barlett family had disappeared too; Caril quickly came up with the story that they all had the flu. Some refused to belief this and began to snoop around after a dismal search by the police. And much to their surprise three bodies were found mutilated near the outhouse and the checked coops in the back. By this time Charlie and Caril were long gone and hit the road…show more content…
Starkweather was tried for his murder of Robert Jenson in hopes that the way in which he murdered him, it would shock and outrage the jury. Charlie was later found guilty on both counts of first degree murder; he chose to hold his trial in Nebraska because he didn’t like the idea of the gas chamber in Wyoming. But had anyone told him, if he would have chose to be tried in Wyoming he probably would’ve received a life sentence. But Charlie was executed on June 25th, 1959 by way of electric chair. As for Caril she too was found guilty, but at the age of 14 she didn’t receive the death penalty but instead a life sentence. This teen duo’s ride on the top of the world finally came to end in January of 1958, and would become one of the most notorious acts of rebellion in our recent

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