Summary: The Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass

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The word humanity has more than one meaning. Humanity can mean the human race, and it can also mean humanness or benevolence. During the time of slavery, it was thought to the slaves that they were inhuman and didn’t have any rights. The white masters burned it into Frederick and his fellow slaves that they weren’t equal. The enslaved weren’t allowed to know their name or even their own family. The only thing that they need to know was how to obey their master. Douglass’s old master, Mr. Auld, told Douglass learning how to read and right only ruins a slave. He said that educating a slave will only make them unmanageable and unhappy. Frederick Douglass tells his life story through his autobiography, The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.…show more content…
Douglass was most educated among them and was able to forge protection for each one of them. The day their plan was to go in action, they were betrayed. One of the slaves told a master the whole plan. On that morning Frederick and the other four slaves were tied up and questioned. One of the slaves, Henry, was defiant when it came to being tied up and he was also defiant when it came to leaving Douglass all alone in the jail. Henry attempted every way he could to stand by Douglass. It was his way of conveying his act of humanity. He showed his loyalty to Douglass by being defiant towards the master. The message to the audience is Henry, the slave, was very reluctant to inform the masters on anything he knew. He was willing to get killed than to tell. Through all that Henry was still trusted Douglass. On their way to jail Henry asked Douglass what he should he should do with his protection letter; He believe in Douglass. When they were sent to jail, the slaves could leave except Douglass. At that point of the problem, Henry demonstrated his loyalty to Douglass the most when he was defiant in leaving Douglass all alone. Henry had the trait of humanness when he stuck by Douglass
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