Summary: The First Chipotle

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Steve Ells opened the first Chipotle in 1993. He started to expand in 1995, with a second and third location. Steve talked about wanting to open his own restaurant, understanding the business from working in one of his favorite restaurants in San Diego which he got after finishing culinary arts school, He started Chipotle to back his restaurant Idea that he wanted to open. As he saw that Chipotle was taking off, he opened 3 more Chipotle’s throughout 1995. If when I saw my burrito shop taking off like this I would have turned it in to the restaurant instead of opening more small Chipotle he could of invested into one more but as a restaurant style, where he could of built it as a chain from there. Although Steve did a great job in his business plan, within four years he had Chipotles in…show more content…
He also went to congress to try to get them to eliminate the use of antibiotics in cattle probably because it was more expensive to use naturally raised cattle the regular cattle which would have been really smart idea if it was all about trying to get his meet prices lower, it would of mead all cattle prices drop to a point that everyone on same play filed which am sure it would of lowered his prices at least, his passion for making gourmet foods in San Diageo can defiantly be seen in his food at Chipotle from the naturally grown meat, cheese and sour cream with no rBGH, and no trans fat frying oil, you can’t help but not feel ok to go to Chipotle for lunch or dinner. The only real weakness that Chipotle has is some controversial documents about some of the company’s employees around the U.S.Chipotle lost a big chunk of there employees to this, but that’s what happens when your employees can’t prove that they are United States

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