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Sydnee Worlds Professor Means History 1301 June 15, 2014 Sam Houston and the American Southwest “Sam Houston and the American Southwest” is a biography written by Randolph B. Campbell that tells of the significant contributions in American history as a warrior, politician, and leader. Thorough various events of Samuel Houston’s life readers are educated as to what kind of person Houston really was through his personal conflicts. Samuel Houston, born March 2, 1793, was the fifth of nine children born Sam and Elizabeth Houston. The book begins by telling of a short story about Sam Houston’s grandfather, Robert Houston, who settled in Rockbridge County, Virginia as the owner of a plantation by the name of Timber Ridge,…show more content…
Andrew Jackson, who later became one of Houston’s closest friends was against his military lifestyle. He was sent to New Orleans where he was seriously injured from battle. He was sent to Nashville and soon promoted to first lieutenant. Houston was also appointed a federal subagent and returned to his adopted Indian father’s island in Indian dress to try and persuade them to move further west. He made a agreements to the Cherokees and ensured the promise was to be kept. In 1818, Sam Houston decided to resign from the Army and began to study law: only taking him under six months to pass the Tennessee bar exam. After passing the bar, he moved to Lebanon where he opened his own private practice law office where he flourished as a lawyer. Houston was elected Attorney General less than a year after opening his office and went back to…show more content…
With no one to oppose he was elected thus sparking the flame to Sam Houston’s long and mostly successful career in politics. During his career Houston became known as a man of great character and was a great practical thinker. He was know for being compassionate to the American Indians and often spoke against their mistreatment. He was the only individual in the United States to ever serve as governor in not one, but two states: Tennessee from 1827 to 1829, resigning due to personal problems and1832. He relocated to the Mexican state Coahuila and Tejas, also known as Texas today. There he led the Texas Revolution ordering his soldiers to attack at San Jacinto. This gained Texas independence from Mexico, thereafter, in 1836, Houston was elected President of the Republic of Texas and again in 1841. The current day city of Houston was named after him. Houston was a supporter of the annexation of Texas to the United States believed that his political career had come to an end but Texas citizens thought otherwise. From 1846- 1859 Sam Houston served as the Texas as the Senator of Texas. He was removed from office because he was a Unionist and his stance against the spread of slavery, although he owned slaves himself. Sam Houston loved Texas and the south. However, he also loved the United States and was in support of the Constitution and the Union. He attempted

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