Summary Paper on the Movie as Good as It Gets

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My summary on the movie “As Good as it Get’s” starts like this, the main character, Melvin really was always a nice guy under all the misery he had built up inside of him. He never really wanted to hurt people maybe only his neighbor because he was gay and Melvin didn’t like homosexuals. He was always nasty to people and he brought out the worst in everyone. Then he met a waitress at the diner he always went to. She had a sick little boy who’s sickness was impossible to cure according to what the doctors at the emergency room kept saying. When Melvin meets her it changes his life and it changes hers to. She makes him feel like he can be a better man. That his problems weren’t over powering him anymore he then fell in love with her and when he did he changed a little bit. He was always a bitter old man who couldn’t stand to be around people he didn’t like anything that didn’t go his way. He had OCD and he had a problem with germs and homosexuals. He was filled with this anger and misery that he took out on others, until he fell in love. He got her a personal doctor for her son so that her son wouldn’t be sick anymore so that his asthma could get better. He became a better man after he met her. She changed him for the better. He wasn’t afraid of things anymore. He started to like dogs after he had to take care of one he started to not be so afraid of stepping on lines. He would make rude comments but never mean them the way they were said which messed things up for him sometimes but he learned his lesson after a couple of tries. Melvin changed for her it was a miracle and he was finally a little calm and

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