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In chapter five of Chris Matthew’s book Hardball, Keep Your Enemies in Front of You, is just about that: politicians using their enemies for gain and power. The author uses various examples of past presidents, such as Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln, who hired past adversaries to help better their presidencies, reforms, and the public’s view of them. It also shows how the ‘enemies’ still can be against those who they work under if not controlled properly, such seen with Joseph A. Califano during Jimmy Carter’s presidency. Califano was against discrimination in schools and cigarette smoking, which lead to lost of support from Kentucky and North Carolina for Carter. Carter gave too much independence and paid for it, whilst Reagan put Jim Baker in a spot where Baker could not succeed if Reagan did not succeed either. Not only in politics had this idea been utilized. If you want to hire the most talented people for your business, look at those trying to beat you. Hiring those show nerve and gain you reputation for being open and willing whilst showing their weakness to submitting to you. This not only gains a new tool to use but also gains you more strings pull and ways to do so. Like the revolutionaries of the past who fed the British after the Battle of Saratoga , the ploy is to make the opponents not to want to fight you, but see how you work in a way they do not want to battle any

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