Summary: One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich

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Jerry Deng Ms. Davis English 3 9 January 2013 One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Alexander Solzhenitsyn To continue our work of author’s style, we will look at the language of this text. Author’s style can deal with diction, sentence fluency, and voice. All three elements give the readers an insight into the characters, the author and the time period. Solzhenitsyn masterfully creates a contrast between the world of Ivan Denisovich and Ivan’s feelings about this world. Through the quotes listed below, we will annotate and analyze Solzhenitsyn’s diction and the effect it has on the reader. Explain the significance of each quote. How does each quote contribute to the reader’s understanding of the theme? If the quote is…show more content…
"They were transforming him from an eager, confident naval officer with a ringing voice into an inert, though wary, zek. And only in that inertness lay the chance of surviving." Here he talks about his gang leader. Once in power as a naval officer, he is now silenced and made to obey higher ranked guards in the camp, only this was by obeying can he live. "A guard can't get people to budge even in working hours, but a squad leader can tell his men to get on with the job even during the break, and they'll do it. Because he's the one who feeds them. And he'd never make them work for nothing." This means that the squad leader is more convincing to the men than just a normal guard, because the leader is the one who runs the whole gang, and gets them food, good working places, and first in line at the cafeteria. The leader is the one who lives with the rest of the gang everyday. "Thank God for the man who does his job and keeps his mouth shut!" The person who keeps quiet, doesn’t mind other peoples business is the best person in camp. Their the ones who don’t create problems. "Who's the zek's enemy? Another…show more content…
All other things were worthless compared to the rations that you got. "The belly is a demon. It doesn't remember how well you treated it yesterday; it'll cry out for more tomorrow." The campers bellies, were always hungry, it doesn’t matter how much you ate one day, the next day your stomach would still be as hungry as the day before you ate the meal. "Why do you want freedom? In freedom your last grain of faith will be choked with weeds." When a person has freedom, it can be very easily taken away. When a person doesn’t know freedom, then they have no standards or thoughts to live up too. "Freedom meant one thing to him - home." Home is where you can usually do anything without anyone screaming at your back. Being free is the same idea as to being home, when a person has freedom, it usually means that they can speak their thoughts and not be controlled by anyone

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