Summary of "There´Ll Always Be Nation"

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Summary of ”There´ll always be nations and the authors attitude ”There´ll always be nations” is an Essay by Katharine Whitehorn, about countries differences, how these cause problems and how we despite that we are afraid of loosing them. It starts with a short story about a friend of the author, who was half English and half French. This mix causes problems for example at meals, where there are different norms about where once hands should be. The next example is a couple that built a house in Greece and finished it. In Greece you don´t have to pay taxes before the house is finished, so people thought they were crazy when they finished the house. Western is all of a piece, but how much plaster you get on depends on where you are. Computers and cameras may be the same everywhere, but British go to a chemist to buy film, because they used to get developing fluid there. Other nations don´t buy their films at a chemist. She writes that the fear of loosing these differences makes people scared of getting close to EC. But her guess is that the differences will stay unchanged. For an example when USSR broke, Georgians had gone right on speaking Georgian, and Ukrainians had their national identity intact. Katharine writes that what matters is not the groupings and re-groupings, but whether people carve each other up in the process. The astonishing achievement of the EC is that they haven´t. She ends it writing that British might not man the barricades for their defence policy or working hours or legal system, but try and tamper with the pallid sanctity of Churchill and Drake, this will awake British at once, which is how it should

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