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Blackmon1 Ushikia Blackmon Professor Arzola English 1302 28 September 2012 I’m 16 and I’m Legal Author Anya Kamenez’s, purpose in “You’re 16, You’re Beautiful and You’re a Voter”, is to convince parents, lawmakers, and voters to agree that the required voting age should be lowered to sixteen. She begins with a strong argument, letting her audience know that the 2008 presidential election hit record numbers in polls with young voters. To support her proposal, Kamenetz uses the analogy of an “early voting permit”, to statistics regarding accidents by teenage drivers. Next, Kamenetz makes a valid point, that age should not be the only deciding factor and she is critical of the old laws governing this country. In all…show more content…
Instead, Kamenetz suggest that teens focus on a career as a start at looking for equal rights beyond an “early voting permit”, in her statement, “The more we treat teenagers as adults, the more they rise to our expectations. From a developmental and vocational point of view, the late teens are the right starting point for young people to think seriously about their futures” (Kamenetz 49, par. 10). Kamenetz, is saying to parents and lawmakers to give teens more adult responsibility and in the process of them becoming an adult they will do what is expected of them and also exceed in a career. For parents, it is a struggle to get a teen to keep up with their student identification, so getting a sixteen year old to think seriously about their future, to most adults will not be logical. Most parents will agree with Epstein’s response to Kamenetz that, “No remarkable abilities emerge suddenly at age sixteen—or, for that matter, at age eighteen or twenty-one” (Epstein 51,

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