Summary of Why Evolution Should Be Taught in Public Schools

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Summary of why evolution should be taught in public schools In her essay “Why evolution should be taught in public schools”, Laura H. Kahn argues imperative concern on why evolution should be taught in public school. She argues that our children, our future scientist and world’s leading healthcare frontiers, needs to receive a good science education to further enhance human understanding. Without scientific based education and understanding of evolution, it would be infeasible to understand and research and treat for various biological and medical diseases, antibiotic resistant bacteria, emerging viruses and deadly microbes. Kahn also explained the long history of human kind on battle of disbeliefs between evolution theory (belief of evolving biologically) and creationism (spontaneous generation from deity), which began in nineteenth century between scientists, who were known as the leading scientist at the time. Felix-Archimede Pouchet, believed in spontaneous generation and published 700 page book which claimed to prove that the life could originate from inanimate matter, thus life from deity. However, Louis Pasteur, convinced the world that disease were caused by microbes and experimented using a “swan-neck” flask, performed at many different environments in different locations, successfully disproved spontaneous generation (creationism) and later his theory became a great influence on modern medicine and public health. Kahn also tried to clarify the difference between creationism and evolution, both based on our religious preference and scientific perspective, and evidence to support both sides of argument. Creationism supports the great creator for existence of this world, from the power of deity and this idea became religious beliefs for many generations for different people. She argues that a scientific theory requires collection of data and

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