Summary Of What's Black Then White And Said All Over By Leslie Savan

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That’s “Hot” In “What’s Black, Then White, and Said All Over” Leslie Savan explores the appropriation of the black language into pop culture and its use in advertising and marketing. Savan goes into detail about uses of black vernacular and the “wannabe” (189) nation of different ethnic groups who adopt these slang terms as their own in order to be “cool”. Among these terms is “hot”, which has a vast background in the pop culture and hip hop community and has been associated with being “cool” throughout the youth for the past two decades. (Hot – Having or giving off heat; having a high temperature). At least that’s what “hot” used to be mainly defined as, but in today’s pop culture, it has taken on a whole different meaning. Now associated…show more content…
For instance “hot” have many different meanings that are considered “cool” in today’s youth society. Adults may know it for its original definition, high temperature or giving off heat, but there are at least ten different slang meanings such as to be sexually aroused; lustful; sexy or attractive. This meaning is by far the most frequently used slang definition for the word “hot”. Young people, who are attracted to someone of the opposite sex, or even the same sex, would refer to them as “hot”, therefore stating their attraction to them. The use of “hot” in this way has been around since the early 1900’s, used in books, newspapers, television commercials, and the…show more content…
Savan states “simply put, white teenagers could not, as much as they might wish to, become black. They could and did however, listen to the music, dress the dress… mirror the haircuts, adopt the rap vocabulary suitable for their daily lives, mimic the cadence of street speech, and admire from a safe distance the lives of prominent black rappers and athletes.”(200) In that quote Savan illustrates black life in the “hood”, where the black slang originates from and how the white teens mimic it. The word “hot” is used in other slang meanings not necessarily deriving from the “hood”. This term is also used in poker games and sporting events. For instance, if a pitcher is having an amazing game he might be referred to as a “hot pitcher”. Or if there is a poker game on television such as the World Series of Poker and a player gets a couple extremely lucky or favorable hands the announcer might refer to him or her as the “hot hand”. “Hot” has been used as a slang term as far back as the early 1900’s, when the newspapers came out there would be a newspaper salesman on the side of the street screaming “Extra! Extra! Read all about it fresh news stories hot off the press!” As Savan states that whites who “Plagiaries” (191) black talk don’t deserve to be talking in a language that they are just imitating, but not all slang words have derived from the “hood”. Some meanings have gone way back to before there was hip hop, jazz, and pop

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