Summary Of What You Eat Is Your Business By Radley Balko

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Summary: What You Eat Is Your Business In What You Eat is Your Business; Radley Balko argues that the government is employing multiple means to combat obesity, such as using the media to promote an anti-obesity campaign; using health initiatives to ban junk food in schools, applying tax dollars to create more sidewalks and bike trails, demand more labeling from food companies, and pushing that same industry to be more accountable. As David pointed out all this action is “bringing [the] government between you and your waistline”. David explains that politicians have already clung to the idea. President Bush allocated millions of dollars in the federal budget for that very campaign. Schools across the country have already begun to make changes to the health options they offer on the schools campuses. Some senators have created what they call a “fat tax” which it’s supposed to be a tax on food with high caloric content. Balko states that Congress is considering menu-labeling as its new project to force restaurants to send all their items for analysis at laboratories. All of this according to Balko is the incorrect way to deal with the problem. He thinks instead of forcing companies to change the way they do their business, such as changing the food options available, our…show more content…
For him the solution is completely freeing the problem, taking the power out of the hands of big government and insurance companies; stop penalizing who is making the right choices and rewarding the wrong ones. He suggests that instead the government should increase access to medical and health care savings accounts, which would give consumers the option to rolling the money reserved for health care into retirement accounts. He concludes saying that we all make better choices about our personal health when someone else isn’t paying for the consequences of our

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