Summary of “the Rocking-Horse Winner”

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“The Rocking-Horse Winner”, by D.H. Lawrence, is a short story about how money can play such a large part in peoples’ lives that they will do whatever they can to make it seem to themselves and others as though they have money when they are really desperate to keep money flowing. In this story, the reader shows this message through the narrator and the boy, Paul’s, mother. In the beginning of the story, the narrator explains how family lived in a peasant house filled with servants and they felt superior to anyone in the neighborhood. The parents would go to expensive parties and drink mimosa and almond-blossom. The mother would wear fur cloaks. This lifestyle was brought about to make it seem to those that knew of the family, and could only see the exterior parts, that they were well off. Unfortunately, if one could see how they really lived, they would learn that looks are deceiving. The narrator then tells the reader that that the parents never seemed to bring home enough money to keep up with their social position and style of living. The family became in so much debt that the children felt as though the house was whispering and laughing behind their backs. The father of the house brought home a small income, as well as the mother, but she decided to secretly get a new job as an artist, which she earned very little money. As one can see, this message is expressed throughout the short story and is meant to show the reader that people care about their appearance so much, that they are willing to just get by daily as long as they successfully deceive others that they are well
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