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Summary of ‘The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln’ There are already many works written about Abraham Lincoln, which there are too many to write anything else about him. Since he was one of the greatest presidents of United States of America, many historians and writers tried to understand and learn about him and his achievement, which lead them to write about it. Even though there are plenty of works written about Lincoln, still by looking at his life with his rivals, William Seward, Salmon Chase, and Edward Bates, there are more works to discover who Abraham Lincoln was. These rivals had ability to develop America. Lincoln, unlike his popularity, he had extreme curves in his life graph because he had some problems in the childhood, the school, and even the marriage. However, after that was a little bit different. Including Lincoln, four men had same flow in their lives. They all studied law and politics and supported opposition to the slavery. By Lincoln’s effort, he won the nomination. However, his rivals thought Lincoln came out of nowhere, and only got the local reputation. He was the guy which everyone was unexpected of. This was why rivals viewed Lincoln’s effort as luck. After the election, Lincoln made his own cabinet and tried to prove himself to others. He recruited the cabinet with other three rivals. He put them in secretary of state, secretary of treasury, and attorney general. His administration was well educated and had more political experience than Lincoln. They later approved and appreciate Lincoln’s talent and strength. Having tender, truthful, and sensitivity is one way to be a great politician. Lincoln’s characteristic contained all of these. Lincoln’s political success came from his great knowledge and characteristics. Doris Kearns Goodwin, Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln (New York Simon and Schruster,

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