Summary of the Old Testament

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Summary of the books of the Old Testament Books Leviticus Leviticus is a book about the specific laws; it explains what the laws are and why they are in place. It was written by Moses in 1445-1444 B.C. Some major laws are rules on offerings, ritual of childbirth, leprosy, and feasts including key persons such as Moses, Aaron and his sons. God talked to Moses from the tabernacle of meeting. He explained the different offerings such as Burnt, Grain, Peace, Sin, Trespass, and Restitution as well as what food were permitted and forbidden. One key thing is the consecration of Aaron and his sons in Leviticus 8. In verse 2-3 “Take Aaron and his sons with hi, and the garments, the anointing oil, a bull as the sin offering, two rams, and a basket of unleavened bread; and gather all the congregation together at the door of the tabernacle of meeting”, then there ministry began. In chapters one through seven the sacrifices and offerings are laid priest and individuals in detail. These chapters also describe how the alter is to be used for the sacrifices and offerings to God. From chapters eleven to fifteen Moses teaches the importance and procedures for things that are unclean. This includes food, insects and many others. The purpose of this is to protect God’s people from illness and diseases. Ruth The book of Ruth is found in the Old Testament of the Bible, it is a Narrative. It takes place in a time of Jewish history when the judges ruled over Israel from 1370 to 1010 BC. The story tells of Naomi wife of Elimelech of the tribe of Judah. Elimelech moved his family from the Promised Land to Moab during a severe famine. Naomi stayed in land of Moab for 10 years, during this time she lost her husband and two sons. Naomi returned to her hometown of Bethlehem. Her Moabite daughter in law Ruth insist on following Naomi proclaiming your people will be my people, your home my

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