Summary of the Novel Flatland

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3D Scandal Today’s top story revolves around a Mr. Square, who preached about the nonexistent third dimension claiming he had been there. Mr. Square was well respected among his fellow squares, and had a very steady job as a Mathematician, but not all things are as they appear. We have a few anonymous witnesses that say they heard him rambling about a dream that he had and how he had been to the third dimension. We at the Flatland Tribune were able to obtain an interview with Mr. Square who was happy to tell us the whole truth. He starts out by telling us that he himself wasn’t a believer of the third dimension until he was visited by a person named Sphere on the day of the new millennium. He said that Sphere told him that every new millennium, someone from his dimension would come to Flatland and try to teach us “The Gospel of the Third Dimension.” Mr. Square said he was skeptical at first, he thought that this person was an isosceles trying to imitate a circle because this is how Sphere appeared to him. He said that Sphere tried vainly to teach him the concept of “Upward, not Northward”, but after a while Sphere said he would have to show him what he meant. From this point on Mr. Square said that it was like a dream, and that although some parts had become fuzzy he remembered the most important details. He remembered for instance, looking down at his pentagon shaped house and seeing Flatland from above. He also remembered how a cube was constructed out of squares put together with common end points. He became very excited while describing his experiences and was sincere with every word he spoke of the third dimension. He had to be escorted out of the room after he implied that the High Council of Circles were also visited by this Sphere, but did not heed his words of wisdom. Mr. Square has been sent to perpetual imprisonment for his violation of the new law and

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