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Summary of “ The Joke “. It begins with a man who is listening to his wife´s conversation on the phone. She offers the person at the phone that her husband will help with some things. The man has an inner dialog through the story and he is sig and tired of her, taking him for grant it. He thinks about all the times where he helped his wife´s mother and his wife´s friend. He is mad about the fact that he never ben ask, if he actually wanted to help them. He thinks it would not matter if he were in her life or not. He misses the good times with his wife, the good old days before they had children where they could read eat others thoughts and laugh of his jokes. After his wife is done talking at the phone he tries to make an attempt to receive the good old days. Characterize the Protagonist. The Protagonist is a man who is afraid of confronting his wife with problems. He feels sorry for himself and he blame his wife of being the main problem in their relationship. Instead of having an open dialog with his wife he choose to have an inner monolog with himself. He seems like a man with a lack of confidence and therefore he avoids conflicts. He never asks himself if he could be a part of the problem too. These thinks about the protagonist is really obvious for the reader to see, so I guess the same thing is for his wife. He is easily manipulated and it is his own fault that he feels like a doormat, because he never showed his wife, where his boundary was. Comment on the Tittle “ The Joke “ The Tittle “ the Joke “ is a very ironic tittle, I think. Through the whole story he is blaming his wife of causing split in the relationship and he actually cannot see that he is the main problem. At the end of the story he is considering to tell his wife a joke. He actually thinks a joke will make up twenty-six – year old marriage. In fact it is the

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