Summary Of The Book 'Major In Success' By Patrick Combs

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Jared Katz Professional Development Strategies – BA 2101, Section 13 Final Essay- 03/08/13 Professor Coppola Major in Success Major In Success by Patrick Combs was unlike any other book I have ever read. This short, informative book is filled with motivation, inspiration, and encouragement. I feel that the entire meaning behind the book ultimately emphasizes the difference between success and failure. Millions of people nationwide spend their days and nights trying to earn a respectable amount of pay to provide for themselves and their families. Regardless of your social or economical status, society has molded us into believing that money is everything. Although millions live by that theory, Patrick Combs happens to totally…show more content…
In chapter 7, Combs outlines “The Six Big Fears”. This chapter really hit home for me in many different ways. In my opinion, Combs does an incredible job of defining the six major fears that people have in pursuing the job of their dreams and the right ways to overcome those fears. Patrick Combs hints that anyone who has a fear of pursuing their dreams to “ Remember, you are equipped to handle anything that comes your way”. He makes an extremely valid point asking the reader “ Have you ever not been able to handle a situation?” Personally, I have hit many different obstacles in my educational career. Up to this point in time, there has been nothing strong enough to hold me back and I can only believe that this will continue in the home stretch of my educational career. As Patrick Combs generally explains, “You have what it takes to make it through”. After reading this chapter on fear, I have helped my self to decide that fear is only an emotion that can set you back in life. Combs taught me that pushing through what you are scared of is only going to hold you back from being successful. I honestly feel that there is nothing holding me back in regards to my passions and my career and one day I will be successful in a field of work that I

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