Summary Of The Book 'Cries In The Desert'

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Cries in the Desert Sadomasochism is not a disease or a crime to many it is a way of life. The books tittle is Cries in the Desert written by. John Glatt. There were three lessons to be learned from the book the first of which was where David Ray Parker was from? The second what was his modus operandi? And third how long did this case last? In addition, what stood in the way of his case being concluded? David Ray was born November 6, 1939 in a small desert town of Belen New Mexico. He was not really raised in a stable household. His father often drank heavily with his father being the drinker and his grandfather whose name was not given to conceal his identity raised his mother never being around David Ray. David Ray was raised about thirty miles away from where he was born in a town named Mountainair. Although he’s…show more content…
After him tough of what he was going to do them, he would take them to a trailer that he called the Toy Box, which was fully equipped with all the tools used to inflict pain. When the victims where tied up they would be shown a video of what was going to happen to them in the video it was said “You are going to be kept here and abused,” (Glatt, p. 259) They were abused by getting constantly rapped by various instrument from different sizes of didoes, and even broom handles. They were also tied up by chains with their legs spread apart and went though many stages of electric shock therapy. These girls were tortured sexually and mentally many of them tough they were going to be murdered. Another thing that was stated to them was “Your only value to us is the fact that you have an attractive, useful body.” (Glatt, p. 259) they were made as just being a piece of meat to them and not being anything to them someone they could use and thrown back onto the streets. They were drugged by something to make it so they did not remember a

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