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The Awakening takes place directly after the events in The Summoning. Chloe has been recaptured by The Edison Group, a team of supernatural scientists responsible for manipulating her DNA, and enhancing her necromantic abilities while trying to create super beings. While trapped in the Edison Group’s lab, Chloe discovers that she and other supernaturals are experimental subjects who were genetically modified at birth, which was why they were all sent to Lyle House. Chloe and Tori (a witch) lead the Edison Group to a factory where they were supposed to meet Derek and Simon. Chloe and Tori escape with help from liz after struggling with Tori's mother, Diane (also a witch), but not before Diane hits Chloe's aunt Lauren with a seemingly fatal spell. The two girls run from Diane while she was busy with Lauren. When safe, Chloe reads the letter her Aunt Lauren gave her which explains that she only ever wanted to help young supernaturals, and that it wasn't until her own niece was in danger that she realized how dangerous the Edison Group was. The next day, they meet up with Derek and Simon at the factory. The four of them decide to find Simon and Derek's father's friend Andrew Carson, who supposedly will be able to help them. On the bus to New York City, Chloe is woken by Derek who tells her that he feels another change coming on. She offers to go with him and asks Tori to tell Simon that if they don't make it back to the bus, they will meet up in New York City. They catch a bus heading to New York City where they find Tori and Simon, but their father's friend Andrew is missing. Suspecting that Andrew has been captured, they decide to leave in the morning. Before dawn, the Edison Group attacks them. While hiding, Chloe hears a voice that sounds like her Aunt Lauren's, guiding her to safety. She realizes with some panic that she

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